Oracle search string in database

In some cases, fortunately not too many, I had to search for a string (usually something related to configuration) in a schema of the database.

Gets complicated when there is a huge amount of tables and also no way to contact the developer, is as hell.

Well good for these cases I want to share a PL / SQL script homegrown (as almost everyone who put in the blog), which facilitates the issue fairly:

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Oracle listener automatic registration of services

Starting with Oracle Database version 8i, need not be recorded BD services in the listener.ora file, the DB can automatically register.

This functionality works perfectly if we have the listener on port 1521 (default), if we make a change there’s no port to connect to the database. This is because the value of the parameter which defaults LOCAL_LISTENER:

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Oracle ora-00600 librarycachenotemptyonclose, the famed in Oracle 10g

This error is caused by a bug recognized by Oracle that can be easily found in Metalink [ID 4483084.8], the error indicates that you have tried to stop the database without the Library Cache was empty.

The proposed solution is officially migrate to and further indicates that it does not produce any kind of corruption in the datafiles, suggesting that we can get used to seeing on the alert without worrying.

What they do not say is that this error may generate a typical shutdown immediate, may fail and be the BD in nomount state, this has happened to me in HP-UX systems. If it happens during a cold weekend back, the database will not start because it is, but of course in nomunt state.

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Oracle update undo, Massive updates that can generate problems with UNDO tablespace

It is not the first time that I see the need to run a DML which it actually updates many rows, this can be a problem because the UNDO tablespace is not infinite (and not should be).

Recently I had to run an update:

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