ORA-13605 sql access advisor, when execute SQL Access Advisor en Oracle

Once again he repeats the story, a PathSet installed with the idea of solving problems and new ones appear (this time without document).

This time it was to install the PatchSet on the version The fact is that now when trying to run the SQL Access Advisor, the task is not created but an error in the alert.


Thu Dec 22 10:15:59 CET 2011
Errors in file /u01/oracle10/admin/primaria/bdump/primaria_j000_7152.trc:
ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job 1261155
ORA-13605: The specified task or object SQLACCESS3218753 does not exist for the current user.
ORA-06512: in "SYS.PRVT_ADVISOR", line 2773
ORA-06512: in "SYS.DBMS_ADVISOR", line 247
ORA-06512: in line 23
does not exist for the current user.

One is confident and thinks “this has to be solved but it is a very scandalous mistake”, but no !!

There is no clear documentation on Metalink, describing the problem in version let alone a patch available. That if there are two bugs 6918728 and 12861432 suspiciously similar to the current problem.

Summarizing much the problem is that the advisor, can not read parameters needed for a bug that has to do with the characters used for the decimal and thousands.

Anyway, for now I could figure out how to run the SQLAccess without losing the flexibility of Enterprise Manager, for this we can do:

1- Run up to step 4 and take the SQL Access SQL script, we call $SQL.

2- Create a script so that (we call sa.sql):

ALTER session SET nls_numeric_characters ='.,';

3- Run with sqlplus:

sqlplus system/xxxx @sa.sql

4- Return to Enterprise Manager and search for the completed task and see the result.

Of course it is something provisional.