JBoss Apache ssl, securize communication channel between JBoss and Apache with SSL

Recently a client has requested a securized installation around the information circuit, that is:

todo sslApache is usually configured with SSL and internal communication between Apache and JBoss is done with the AJP protocol, as follows:

no todo sslThe AJP protocol has the advantage over http, which is a binary instead of text communication, this reduces the bandwidth needed to transmit the same information (it is estimated that the bandwidth required is reduced by 25%).

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JBoss 7 installation domain (several servers on the same machine)

Although I have considerable experience in application servers (WebLogic and Apache Tomcat above), this is the first entry I’ll do about it.

JBoss version 7 can say that is impressive (http://www.jboss.org/jbossas) regarding version 6. Everything is much more organized and allows the creation of domains and server groups where deploy / maintain applications centrally.

In this case we will have to install a domain JBoss 7 prepared for high availability and replication session (later configure a balancer to test this).

The official documentation on:

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JBoss 7 domain expand (new server machine outside the controller)

This post is the continuation of JBoss installation domain.

On the basis of the previous article, we will expand the domain to a new server on another machine increasing service availabilities.

The new machine will be called clu02 (IP, it will connect to clu01 (Domain Controller (DC) IP and the final structure will be:

Steps to follow:

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