OpenLDAP checksum error and slapcat message “ldif_read_file: checksum error”

OpenLDAP has evolved allowing dynamic changes in the (very good in principle), which is usually stored in:


The recommendation is to use commands like: ldapadd, ldapmodify or ldapdelete.

But the reality is that often would be nice to make changes manually to end before, this is something you can do. Simply restarting the service then restart normally pretty fast.

The surprise comes when we do a:

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LDAP query filtering by group

If we are integrating applications on an LDAP (in our case on a OpenLDAP), we have probably seen the utility to obtain the users belonging to one group even LDAP query, because we want to integrate the application supports only a single query.

Also if we documentation on this subject we have found stuff like, “for users belonging to the group grp_test run the query”.


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