RMAN parameters, in scripts (only Oracle 11g or later)

When we make a list of the backups made with:

RMAN> list backup summary;

For example, we may have problems locating a backupset. The result is quite confusing and certainly inelegant labels are created by default.

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RMAN restore read only data files, including read write datafiles

When performing a restore of a copy with RMAN (Oracle Database), may appear notices as:

datafile #NUM not processed because file is read-only

This is because it has been used the command:

restore database;

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RMAN restore backup, from tape to another server

A good exercise to verify that a backups made it correctly, is prepare a script that does a restoring on demand to another server (frequently in preproducction environment)

I tell a restoring and not a clone (something really amazing that you can clone a DB without stop it until current time), because the cloned needs the origin DB (surely production) has to remain in open state and in case of disaster this is not the scenario.

The restoring show here was made without external RMAN catalog (is using only information of controlfile as catalog), this forces to have enable the option: Continue reading